One-of-a-kind wedding photos


Stunning white sand beaches and lush tropical jungle are the backdrop for your special day. We work with some of the most respected and noteworthy local Costa Rica wedding photographers to capture the beauty and splendor of your enchanting beach wedding. Our professional photography partners include Jennifer Harter, Ali Kaukas and Sylvia Guardia. We will also welcome the photographer of your choice, should you choose to contract your own.


Candid moments of love and joy

Wedding photography is more than staging the perfect bridal party photo or altar shot. It’s about finding those moments where true emotion shines through, capturing the essence of the event through candid images that reflect joy and love. The photographers we work with are ever-watchful for those special moments before and during your ceremony, and throughout your reception. Their vision provides you with a complete portrait that encompasses all the tenderness and the revelry that defines your splendid event.


the art of the perfect composition

The right photographer knows how to capture you in your finest moments. Our photographers’ understanding of the landscape and lighting allows them to position you and your loved ones in artfully composed shots that highlight your best features, while still looking natural and comfortable. Subtle instructions from a professional Costa Rica beach wedding photographer make the difference between a pretty picture and a timeless image.

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Pure Originality

“Great staff all around. The wedding was very original and blended in beautifully with the natural surroundings.”

–David, father of the bride