Courtney White-Mellon & Josh Mellon (and Wyatt) of Simply Rustic

Courtney White-Mellon & Josh Mellon (and Wyatt) of Simply Rustic


"Growing up in the heart of the Adirondacks, I had a respect and love for the amazing mountains and wilderness that I lived in. I have always looked up to my father, a surfer from Long Island and an amazing potter. I wanted to live the stories he would tell me about his surfing days while running a pottery shop. His passion for life–combined with my mom’s strong work ethic–have truly helped me discover the artist that I am.

I often find myself looking at everything that surrounds me–from antiques, beach finds, to an old battered statue in someone’s garbage–and thinking, 'What can I do with this?' I am not the artist that paints a perfect portrait. Instead, I can create beauty from anything.

 I love the idea of using elements that have already been something else. I simply add to the story of the piece.

“This fixture is from the 1920s, this piece of lace hung on the window of my Great Great Grandmother’s house, and this piece of wood is from an old chair…” The history of these elements is what makes our art what it is.

I couldn’t do any of this without my husband Josh. He is my support and creative partner…he is the one who takes my ideas and makes them a reality.

Josh grew up in Long Island and moved to California at age 18. There, he found his love and passion for surfing. Though living in Southern California for almost 13 years (and meeting me somewhere between), he always had a dream to move to Costa Rica.

That dream became a reality in 2009, when we packed up our belongings and hit the road to Costa Rica. Living here, Josh has found his true calling– not just to the ocean but to building, fixing and recreating. Josh is the type of guy who can do anything!

He enjoys the challenges of problem-solving and learning a new skill. There isn’t anything he won’t do or try.  Josh has a respected portfolio that includes building our house, creating a rain-water-catchment system, a gray-water filtration system, a solar-hot-water system and making poured cement basin sinks, a wood bench from salvaged beach wood, a farm-style table from driftwood, an armoire for clothing, the countless elements I need for weddings…and the list grows daily.

Josh’s distinguished rustic style and expertise plus my eclectic aesthetic and artistry create the foundation for Simply Rustic."


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